Semper Fi Fields is a showcased Chestertown, MD horse boarding farm on!

About Us

Semper Fi Fields is a combat veteran-owned, family-focused, licensed boarding facility conveniently located on Rt 544, minutes off of U.S. Rt. 301, in Chestertown, Maryland . At our quiet, peaceful homestead, we offer full-board, shared-care board, field-board, and overnight boarding. Our modest size means fewer horses, allowing us to give YOUR horse the special attention that he or she wants and needs.

Our philosophy is that horses are healthier and happier in a natural, herd environment. Many experts agree that overly confined horses tend to display undesirable behaviors and are more at risk of developing intestinal and musculoskeletal problems. Therefore, although we offer stall-board with regular turn in/out.. and have a dry-lot for horses who need reduced grass intake... we don't prefer our horses to be cooped up any more than necessary.  So, to the extent that is most beneficial to their individual healthand well-being, our horses are allowed to "be horses".  We are not into "pampering" them to the extreme and making sure they are spit-spot clean at all times; (because, what horse doesn't love a nice roll in the grass immediately after a bath?!) We feel that a happy horse is a healthier horse. And a healthy horse is a well-behaved, well-adjusted horse. So if you're looking for a place that overly focuses on the outward appearance of their horses, and prefers them stall-bound just to keep them looking "pretty"... then, we are not the barn for you. Our focus is on the health, safety, and overall well-being of our herd... not on how pristine and "dirt-free" they are kept.

Our over-arching goal is to provide quality, personalized service to our equine guests and to treat each of our owners like family. We work one on one with our owners to ensure that each horse's individual needs are met. Our "Quality over Quantity" approach is essential to building relationships with owners (and horses) based on trust and mutual respect. We are a quiet, no-drama barn.

All our boarders are given personal tack lockers and have full access to our training ring and our professionally installed outdoor arena. Trainers are welcome!  Even if you're not boarding with us... Ask us about renting our Arena. Future amenities include wooded trails and a cross-country (agility) course.

We welcome all new equestrian tenants
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